When it comes to hardware, there's only one rule. The vehicle must have an engine no larger than 1 liter. To give you some perspective, that's half the amount of fluids a PERSON is supposed to drink in a day.

Go ahead and think about that for a spell..................

Folks, this is type of car that has no chance of passing inspection and ends up in morning prayers that beg for the piece of crap to make the 5 mile trip to work. We're taking one 2,000 times that far.

We will be hard pressed to find a worthly replacement for the Chariot of Awesome, the 1985 Suzuki SJ Santana that carried the 2007 SkipLizard duo to Mongolia. That said, we will be looking for something with better gas mileage, a top speed above 56 mph, and less wear on the most important parts. If you have any advice, feel free to pass it along.
2007: The Chariot of Awesome
2008: ??? TBA ???
We will be working with Master Steve Theobald over the coming months to figure out the best solution for our vehicular needs. Again, though, if you have any advice or suggestions, feel free to let us know.