There are four ways you can sponsor the SkipLizard journey:

  1. Make a donation to Mercy Corps Mongolia or CNCF through justgiving.com
  2. Send a donation directly to us using PayPal (be sure and specify its intended destination)
  3. Send a donation directly to us by mail (cash/check - contact info below)
  4. Loan us any goodies you have that will come in handy along the way

This journey will not be possible without your sponsorship. Between our goal of $2000 for charity and a growing list of needs and expenses to even attempt to pull this off, we'd be stuck on our own. We want to give you as many methods of donations as possible to make it all quick, safe, and easy.

Unfortunately, the only option for online donations to go directly to the charities is through justgiving.com. The two links above will take you to our justgiving pages. Please keep in mind that you will be assessed justgiving fees on the donation and currency conversion fees on your credit card. Donations through this site must be made in pounds sterling, so calculate your donation here (current rate: $1 ~ £.508). If you want to avoid currency conversion fees on your card, send donations to us through the PayPal link and specify where you want them to go (either of the charities or toward our team expenses).

That's right! You can also sponsor SkipLizard directly. Airfare, the car, and other travel expenses are piling up, and none of this will be possible without some personal donations towards those aspects of the project. We plan on covering as much as possible out of our own pocket, and any extra funds we end up with will go to the charities. We have a separate bank account in the team's name that you can donate to through the PayPal link or by check/cash sent to us (contact info below).

Now, to ensure your personal donations to the team don't seem to just disappear, we're taking a page out of the NASCAR book and selling ad space on the car. Hell, you can buy ad space on us if want. Anything from a company logo on the side of the car to a mascot on the roof to a T-shirt of your face is fair game. Just get in touch with us and let us know what you're idea is, and we'll work something out to make you an official sponsor.

Additionally, we have a long list of goodies we need to pull together to make all this possible (see the Supplies page). If you have anything on there that you're not particularly attached to, we would love to have it.

We hope that by now you've explored our site, and maybe paid a visit to the homepages of the Rally, Mercy Corps, and CNCF. We appreciate your consideration and generousity, and hope our causes speak to you as much as they have to us. You don't have to risk life, health, and limb to show it like we are, but your donations and encouragement will make our journey possible in the first place.


Once again, the charities we chose to support are Mercy Corps Mongolia and The Christina Noble Children's Foundation - Mongolia division. Use the justgiving links to donate to the charities directly, or send your donation to us through the PayPal link and specify its intended destination. If you want to avoid fees altogether, just send us check/cash.

To get in touch with us, shoot us an email with ideas, questions, or concerns. If you want to mail a donation, we'll tell you where to send check/cash. Thanks much for your generousity, and keep on keepin' on folks!