The idea of the Mongol Rally was hatched in 2001 by two student teachers in Prague, more than likely in a pub with the help of a little liquid courage: drive a crap car from London to the middle of Mongolia (“crap car” meaning no more than 1 liter of power and 2 drivers possessing the uncanny ability to adlib life without breaking stride).

Seven years later, it’s exploded into a 200-team adventure, with the goal being to finish with the most outrageous stories rather than the fastest time.  As for support trucks, well, they don’t exist.  It’s a pick-your-own-route-as-you-go trek past mountains, deserts, wilderness, bandits, breakdowns, and vodka that could melt the ass off a donkey…all in the name of CHARITY.

What?  You didn’t think it was just an elaborate way to blow a summer, did you?  It’s also about raising massive amounts of cash for some great charities.  Last year alone brought in over $400,000...a figure that looks to get obliterated this year.  Check out the the Rally homepage for more info, but not before you try our “Charities” page to see how you can contribute to a couple of brilliant causes.